5 Principles for Better Devotionals

Joe and Jimmy are hanging out in the cigar shop talking about how to best prepare to lead a group of people in "devotions." Christians are often asked to lead a group in a "devotional," meaning, share something good from the word of God for those in attendance. But how can we do it well? The guys offer five pieces of advice to lead a group in better devotionals. And the guys introduce the Doctrine and Devotion "RANSOM" Bible Study Method. You can expect more on that in the future. Plus, why do fit people stretch so much in public, and why do people steal material from famous, current preachers?

Five Principles to Help You Prepare and Lead a Devotional Talk

1. Always Be in the Word
2. Distill the Main idea
3. Address Points of Application (to your life, and then to others)
4. Keep it Brief
5. Be Confident and Don't Apologize

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