A La Carte (April 11)

A La Carte (April 11)

Good morning from Singapore. We have wrapped filming in Cambodia and made our way to Singapore for a long layover. By this evening we will be making our way to the Pacific Islands to do it all again.

(Yesterday on the blog: Where Did All This Expository Preaching Come From?)

The Garden at the End of the Universe

Bethel McGrew has a lovely bit of writing here. It’s timed for Easter but appropriate for every day of the year.

5 Reasons to Go to Prayer Meeting

“None of us needs another excuse to skip our church’s prayer meeting. We have more than enough: we’re busy, it’s difficult to wrangle the kids, it’s dark and we don’t feel like going out again, we’ve got an early appointment the next day, or we’re scared of being asked to pray in front of others. What we need instead are a few reasons for going.”

Why Are the Books of the Bible in the Order They’re In?

We often take for granted the order of the books of the Bible. This is an explanation of how they ended up that way.

The Gospel Never Does Nothing

There are lots of things the gospel does. But it never does nothing.

Humility and Overcommitted Busyness

Here is a challenge many people need. “I want to direct our gaze to a significant blemish on humility in our own generation where we need further chipping and sanding: our overcommitted busyness.”

The Goal Is Knowledgeable Love

Knowledge is necessary. You can’t believe, or obey, or love someone you don’t know; but your knowledge of someone will only be destructive if you don’t love them.“ Justin explains…

Flashback: When The Great Resignation Comes to Church

When it is not perfectly clear that we must leave or when we haven’t received wide affirmation that it’s wise to leave, we ought to set aside thoughts of finding a new family and instead joyfully recommit ourselves to loving the family we are already part of.

The reality is that God simply does not give you children in order for you to feel that your life is worthwhile. —Paul David Tripp

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