A La Carte (April 14)

A La Carte (April 14)

Good morning from Fiji, the last long stop on this filming journey. I enjoyed my brief time in Tonga—especially lunch with a local pastor and evangelist. The Lord is at work there!

Westminster Books is offering a deal on a book that is now available in English for the first time.

How Bethel and Hillsong Took Over Our Worship Sets

We may wish it wasn’t so, but the fact is that Bethel and Hillsong have taken over the worship sets in so many churches. This article from CT explains how it got to be that way. “A new study found that Bethel and a handful of other megachurches have cornered the market on worship music in recent years, churning out hit after hit and dominating the worship charts.”

Tiktoker Says Christians Must Choose Between Faith and Evidence

I enjoy the contrast between the sneering Tiktoker and the respectful apologist.

Slowly Going Blind

“It seems to me that one of the surest ways to go blind to the wonder of the world we live in is to see it too much. Imagine if you only ever saw one songbird, or one daffodil, or one rainbow in your whole life—wouldn’t you be overwhelmed? So why are we not overwhelmed when we’ve seen a thousand?”

4 Distinctions to Sort Through when Addressing Sin

There is lots of wisdom here to help sort through what is sin and what may not be. James Seward says, “This article is my effort to push us toward more careful, biblical thinking about addressing sin. It presents four distinctions we should sort through before addressing sin.”

The Power of Example

“You don’t have to look too far in the Bible or in life to see the power of example. We’re wired to be copycats.” There are important spiritual implications to this.

Mercy In The No

Jill explains one of those times when God’s no was just the right answer.

Flashback: It’s Far Too Easy To Buy A Tiger

The sinful heart, like the owner of the tiger, thinks it can contain the ferocity, that it can be the one who masters its strength, who subjugates its power, who persuades it to go only so far but no farther.

My scars are numerous, my flesh is powerless, my enemy is dangerous, but my God is glorious and His grace is totally sufficient. —Matt Papa

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