A La Carte (April 3)

A La Carte (April 3)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

Logos users will want to look at this month’s free and nearly-free books. You’ll also find good deals this month on some excellent commentary sets.

There’s a substantial list of Kindle deals to begin a new month.

(Yesterday on the blog: Aged Saint, Thy Form Is Bending)

The Cosmos Keeps Preaching: My Faith After Forty Years at NASA

“Have you ever landed great seats at a concert, show, or sporting event — seats right down front, near the center of the action? That’s very much how I think about my position as an employee at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center over the past forty years (now retired), a career spent assisting in the development and testing of satellite control centers and directing the operation of various scientific missions.”

Yesterday happened, but this is still true

This is a good reminder from Jacob about what is still true no matter what may have happened the day before.

Why We Follow Some Old Testament Laws but Not Others

Greg Koukl: “Critics accuse Christians of conveniently picking and choosing from Old Testament laws. We’re quick to ‘clobber’ gay people with verses from Leviticus, they say, yet we don’t keep kosher ourselves. The complaint, though, is based on a misunderstanding about the Mosaic Covenant that even Christians fall prey to.”

The Bombadil Enigma, Part Two: The Mroczkowski Letter

Keith Mathison has been trying to solve one of the mysteries of Tom Bombadil, and seems to have made a bit of a breakthrough.

5 Easter Lessons from the Trials of Jesus

Peter Mead considers some of the details of Jesus’ various trials.

What C. S. Lewis Got Wrong About the Cursing Psalms

“C. S. Lewis got a lot of things right. He also got a few things wrong. And when Lewis was wrong, he was really wrong.” Trevin Wax explains one of those ways.

Flashback: We Are Very Anxious About Our Character

I came across a wonderful quote from F.B. Meyer that…counsels us on what to do when others attack our character and seek to harm our name. In short: wait on the Lord.

I do not stop being a child of God because I am a problem child. —Bryan Chapell

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