A La Carte (April 5)

A La Carte (April 5)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Every Sunday Is Easter

Joe Holland: “Easter Sunday has always been a big deal, from my earliest unconverted memories to my recent pastor labors. I cherish those memories and my current family traditions. But I now know that all that expectancy was misplaced—like a young engaged couple that spends countless hours preparing for a wedding and not marriage.”

One Temple Cleansing or Two?

How many temple cleansings were there in Jesus’s ministry? One or two? That’s the question in this article.

You Know What’s Crazy?

Wes Bredenhof offers a vivid real-life illustration of what sin does to us.

The Martyr Complex

This could be worth considering. “I think that one of the reasons some people are drifting and others are driving themselves into the ground is because the overworked don’t ask those with no discipline to do anything.”

Spending Time With God As A Working Mum

“So much to do. Days, weeks and months fly by with little time to claim as your own. All mums will know what I mean.”

The Problem of the ‘Problem Elder’

“We might not want to say it too loudly, but we often hear of ‘that one elder’ who causes so many difficulties for his fellow pastor/elders. Such individuals have singlehandedly brought ministries to a painful end and shaken churches. What are we to do about it?”

Flashback: Why Should We Remember what God Forgets?

Why should we dwell upon the sins we have committed that God himself has forgotten? Why should we live in a shameful past that God has already put out of his faultless mind?

We are to find as much bitterness in weeping for sin, as ever we found sweetness in committing it. —Thomas Watson

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