A La Carte (August 17)

A La Carte (August 17)

If you’re in or near Tasmania, I’d love to see you at the Grace and Truth Conference in October.

Today’s Kindle deals include a number of excellent books.

(Yesterday on the blog: God of Every Grace – The Story Behind the Song)

Thinking and Emotions in the Christian Life

“Human beings are people of extremes. The pages of history give testimony to our ability to diagnose a problem and then overcorrect to an opposite error. Children raised under the pressures of legalism often gravitate toward licentiousness. Reacting against an overemphasis in logic, some have gone to the opposite error of relative truth. The church is not immune to such pendulum swings.”

Give Humble Counsel

“Isn’t it interesting that the less you know, the more willing you are to give counsel?” Yes, it’s interesting. And it’s not commendable.

When to seek justice or bear injustice

Stephen Kneale considers when to seek justice and when to bear injustice. “What do we do about injustice? Options range from setting up campaigns and waging unrelenting war against it right the way through to actively encouraging it ourselves. But what should be our response as believers? I think there is a time to pus back against injustice and there is a time to wear it. The big question is, how do we know when to do either?”

God Made Sabbath an Equipping Tool for Suffering

“I was eight years into a rocky marriage. I didn’t know it, but I was living the last months with my husband still sleeping in our home. By the end of that summer, he would be gone. One and a half years later, the divorce papers would be signed. As I sat waiting for the winner to be announced, God was planning to continue what he had started in me. He knew I would need him in the months and years ahead. He knew the way I was living was not sustainable, and he intended to change it. He was about to provide all the grace I needed for the suffering ahead, with the primary equipping tool being sabbath.”

With Cheerfulness

“There’s an idea out there that good works hardly even count if you enjoy them. That the enjoyment tarnishes the purity of the deed by bringing an immediate personal benefit to the one who does it.” But does the Bible support this?

All About Jesus: Tim Keller’s Memorial Service

Here’s a little report from TGC on the recent memorial service in honor of Tim Keller.

Flashback: It’s Only Money

Just like we can care too little about money and spend it too freely, we can care too much about money and hold it too tightly. As usual, there is peril on both sides.

Prayer is knowing work, believing work, thanking work, searching work, humbling work, and nothing worth if heart and hand do not join in it. —Thomas Adam

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