A La Carte (August 18)

A La Carte (August 18)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

What many people regard as the best gospel tract has now been expanded out to a small book that Westminster Books has put on sale. It’s well worth a look.

Ten Criticisms of John Piper’s Preaching

John Piper shares ten criticisms of his own preaching. That’s a bit odd, I suppose, but I quite enjoyed it.

The time when Canada’s elite wanted to sterilize ‘insane’ and disabled people

Articles like this show why it’s so important to be attuned to history—it should warn us how “elites” can so easily buy into the absolute worst ideas. “In 1936 some of Canada’s most prominent citizens convened to hear how their country faced ‘extinction’ unless they were willing to sterilize the ‘feeble-minded,’ the ‘indigent’ and the ‘degenerate.’” It doesn’t take a lot of thought to consider how similar things are happening in our day.

Women and the Genderless Jesus — A Review of ‘Women and the Gender of God’ by Amy Peeler

Anne Kennedy has a really solid review of Women and the Gender of God. It’s the kind of review that is good to read, even if you don’t intend to read the actual book.

Songs for the Sojourn

Kenwood Baptist Church has just released an EP of some modern hymns.

The Backstory to Spurgeon’s “If Sinners Be Damned…”

“You’ve likely heard this popular quote from Spurgeon: ‘Oh, my brothers and sisters in Christ, if sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies; and if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay, and not madly to destroy themselves.’” Mike Leake provides the crucial context to this quote.

On the Crushing Guilt of Failing at Quiet Time

Kevin DeYoung: “I am not anti–quiet time or anti–daily devotions or anti–family worship. All of these disciplines serve God’s people well and have been around for a long time. What does not serve God’s people well is the unstated (and sometimes stated) assumption—put upon us by others or by ourselves—that Christianity is only for super-disciplined neatniks who get up before dawn, redeem every minute of the day, and have very organized sock drawers.”

Flashback: We Are Never Without Beauty

We are never without beauty in this world—never without displays of splendor. We are never without beauty because God’s divine fingerprints are impressed on all he has made.

Your hope as a parent is not found in your power, your wisdom, your character, your experience, or your success, but in this one thing alone: the presence of your Lord. The Creator, Savior, Almighty, Sovereign King is with you. Let your heart rest. —Paul David Tripp

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