A La Carte (August 22)

A La Carte (August 22)

Blessings to you today, my friends.

There are some new Kindle deals today (and some from yesterday I forgot to mention).

(Yesterday on the blog: Glorifying God and Glorifying Mountains)

Tempering our Tempers

This is a really helpful look at anger that is sinful and anger that is pure.

The Difference Between Optimism and Biblical Hope

“The Bible speaks a lot about hope, not so much about optimism. That doesn’t mean optimism is necessarily bad! (The Bible doesn’t mention pie, and only a monster would insist we avoid that.) However, both inside and outside of the church, there is confusion about hope and optimism.”

What Is Reformed Theology?

What is Reformed theology? There’s a modern answer and a traditional answer, as this article points out.

There Is Something Greater Than The Great Commandment

“Christians throughout all time have been, rightly, energized to love God more through this high calling. But I have to say this: There is something greater than the Great Commandment. Before you strike me off as a heretic, hear me out.”

Wings of Wonder (Video)

The John 10:10 Project is back with another great video, this one focusing on hummingbirds.

Tabernacles, Grief & My Greatest Hope

“When my dear April died, more than one friend asked me if I found solace in the fact that her death had brought an end to her suffering. In one sense, yes: I’m glad that she is no longer shivering in pain and rejoice that she is with Christ for he is a far better husband than I ever was. Even in death, God is faithful. But in another sense, ‘no.’”

Flashback: 10 Common but Illegitimate Reasons to Divorce

It is clear in the Bible that God’s intention for marriage is that it remain in effect until the death of one spouse. I believe it is also quite clear that God has provided a limited set of circumstances in which a marriage can legitimately be severed. However, many people—even Christians—offer reasons to divorce that are not sanctioned by God.

The gospel provides the only true remedy for sexual brokenness. The theological and pastoral challenges we face in the transgender revolution are indeed enormous, but they are not beyond the sufficiency of Christ’s cross and resurrection. —Al Mohler

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