A La Carte (August 26)

A La Carte (August 26)

I wanted to remind you once again that my book Seasons of Sorrow is now available for pre-order (with a release date of September 13). Also do remember the launch event in Nashville on Labor Day! Information here.

Westminster Books is offering a deep discount on the excellent ESV Scripture Journals. It’s the time to stock up!

You’ll find a few new Kindle deals today.

The Antifragile Christian

“Antifragile is different from resiliency or endurance, in that those characteristics only measure the amount of pressure something can repeatedly take. If that something were antifragile, however, it would actually get stronger because of the difficulty.” Though it’s not a biblical word, it’s still a helpful one.

How Dangerous Hermeneutics Can Inform False Teachers

“One sign of a false prophet is when a religious leader invents novel and fanciful interpretations of Scripture, interpretations completely divorced from the original context. Religious charlatans usually engage in such hermeneutical gymnastics in order to bolster their own power.” Here’s an example from the history of Mormonism.

Maturing Towards Childlikeness

It’s an interesting thought this: that we mature toward childlikeness (even as we mature away from childishness).

There’s a Reason We Call Them “The Lost”

This is a good reminder: There’s a reason we call them “the lost.”

The Remnant is Like a Fuse

“Throughout history, we see the church grow and contract not only in size but also in terms of its faithfulness to Jesus Christ and his word. Today, in North America, the visible church as a whole seems to be in a time of decline. Many churches are shrinking or closing, and many others are giving into the spirit of the age. They are salt that is losing its saltiness. A time of decline is never the time for the faithful follower of Jesus Christ to grow fainthearted.”

When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like I Think It Should

Sylvia Schroeder has a powerful article about those times when life doesn’t turn out the way we think it should.

Flashback: Gray Hair and a Righteous Life

Am I living the kind of life that will allow that gray hair—that proof that I’ve grown old—to also stand as a symbol that I’ve grown wise, that I’ve lived a righteous life?

Scripture does not tell us to “let go and let God”. The Bible never promises any easy, automatic victory over sin and temptation. —John MacArthur

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