A La Carte (December 14)

A La Carte (December 14)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

Light and Life for the Overspent

Brittany Allen: “If there’s ever a time when we might feel overspent, it’s the holidays. The pressure to buy a million gifts, spend time with family, and be involved in various church events can become overwhelming. We sing songs claiming, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but we often feel like it’s the most stressful time of the year. While many are participating in Advent family devotions, some are just trying to survive with their sanity intact.”

Translation is Meaning-Based

Dave tells how some of his convictions about Bible translation have had to change as he’s actually begun translating the Bible into a new language.

How can the doctrines of grace enrich our relationship with God? (Video)

Michael Reeves answers this question well.

When Your Spouse is Not a Believer: A Vertical Perspective

“As we sat down for dinner, my husband laid his hand on the countertop, palm up. Knowing our prayer routine, I placed my hand in his and waited for him to pray. Before he uttered a word, tears threatened to come forth, as a thought flashed through my mind: This would not have been possible eight years ago.”

The Skip Bayless Theory of Spiritual Transformation

This newsletter by Samuel James is well worth a read. That kind of online performance artist exists in the Christian world as well!

Risks and Benefits of Age-Specific Ministry

Jason Seville outlines some of the risks and benefits of age-specific ministry.

Flashback: When All Seems To Be Gain, Plan For Loss

When you’re at your best, plan for your worst. When you are standing strong by grace, plan for when you will be tempted by sin. But I add this new application: when all seems to be gain, plan for when all may seem to be loss.

The real scandal of this universe is not that there is a hell, deserved by all, but that there is a heaven, offered to all. —Dane Ortlund

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