A La Carte (December 14)

A La Carte (December 14)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

Logos users, the annual 12 Days of Logos sale has begun and is offering some good deals.

Today’s Kindle deals include a few good books.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Great Challenge of Every Marriage)

When the Soul Feels its Worth

“Under snow-frosted trees, with visible breath I ask it. Perhaps you’ve asked it too. Rinsing the dish I’ve rinsed a thousand times before, I wonder. Maybe you’ve wondered too. Do I matter? Am I seen?”

Can We Really Give God More or Less Glory?

Is it really possible to give God more glory or less glory? John Piper answers here.

Against an elder receive not an accusation

Denny Burk considers some of what’s wrapped up in the biblical admonition to not receive an accusation against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses (and how this applies not only to elders but to all Christians).

Take Risks for Your Days Are Numbered

“By and large, we live in a world that discourages risk-taking. Many of us, knowingly or unknowingly, have been conditioned to take the safe route through life’s twists and turns. I sometimes wonder how many people have been dissuaded from doing risky, world-changing things simply because it wasn’t ‘realistic’ or in line with ‘the way the world works.’”

God with us

I think you’ll enjoy this reflection on “God with us.”

A Message to Conservative Bible Thumping Christians

Todd Friel has a message to you/us.

Flashback: Jesus Isn’t Threatened by Your Christmas Gifts

We don’t threaten the wonder of the incarnation when we give nice gifts to the ones we love and when we look forward to receiving them.

We must carefully distinguish between self-denial as a matter of show and self-denial in doing God’s will and in the service of love. It is not the act itself that is beautiful but the love that is in the act. —J.R. Miller


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