A La Carte (December 19)

A La Carte (December 19)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

Today’s Kindle deals include a good selection (as is the case with most Mondays).

(Yesterday on the blog: To Do His Will)

Melchizedek’s Loins

This is an enjoyable reflection on a fascinating biblical character.

He Gives What He Demands

Glenna Marshall spent some time in Proverbs this year and considers some of what she learned.

Permanent Disqualifications from Pastoral Ministry (Video)

“Can something permanently disqualify someone from pastoral ministry? In this episode, Hershael York talks about the process of redemption and repentance within ministry…”

An Encouragement to Young Husbands

“A good friend recently got married and I was invited to his bachelor party, which in true Kentucky style consisted of shooting clay pigeons with shotguns (‘shootin’ skeet’), grilling meat, and a very large bonfire. While eating our steak and porkchops, the rest of us there – all married – were asked to share some marital wisdom with the groom-to-be.” This is good and helpful advice.

Who Were the Magi, and Why Did They Worship Jesus? (Matthew 2)

Daniel Doriani answers the questions.

Let Immanuel Deliver Comfort to Hurting Hearts This Christmas

Paul Tautges: “Christmas is wonderful! However, for some in our churches, it can be a very painful time of year—when memories bring the losses of the previous year (or years) to the forefront of their minds, provoking additional heartache. Therefore, one of the most helpful ways we can minister grace to hurting hearts this month is by reminding them of one of our Savior’s most precious names: Immanuel.”

Flashback: 10 Ideas and 10 Tips for Family Devotions

A new year is just about upon us, and as it dawns, we have a new opportunity to lead our families in devotions. Whether you’ve been utterly consistent or mightily struggling, here are 10 ideas and 10 tips that may help as you consider the year to come.

Hell is not a problem. The absence of hell would be a problem. Hell is the affirmation that God is a God of justice, of fairness, of dealing with humans in a way that is right. —Dane Ortlund

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