A La Carte (December 27)

A La Carte (December 27)

Just a reminder that due to the holidays I’ll be publishing A La Carte through this week, but not much else. A more normal schedule will resume next week.

(Yesterday on the blog: My Bible-Reading Recommendation for 2023)

Annual Planning with the Ten Commandments

So, what if you began your annual planning with the Ten Commandments? That’s an interesting thought.

Canadians Must Not Assist a Culture of Death

“In March 2023, Canada will begin assisting the mentally ill by terminating their lives. Canada first legalized medical assistance in dying (MAiD) in 2016. Bill C-7 in 2021 expanded the criteria for MAiD beyond those who had a foreseeable death. Now, a further expansion will allow those with mental illness to receive a prescription for death.” Wyatt explains why Canadians (and others) must not assist in this growing culture of death.

Don’t let the Christ message slip off the radar

“We’ve done a fine job sanitising the birth of Jesus, washing over many of the particulars that make the incarnation so extraordinary and thwart with danger and awe. However, it’s not so easy to give a PG rating to that bloodstained cross. 2,000 years on and that cross remains the most ignominious moment in history. We like the Christmas part of the story, but the death part?”

Flowers are still Darwin’s “abominable mystery”

“In 1879, some twenty years after the publication of his famous Origin of Species, Charles Darwin wrote a letter to botanist Dr Joseph Hooker. One sentence in particular underscored a vexing problem for evolutionary theory: ‘The rapid development as far as we can judge of all the higher plants within recent geological times is an abominable mystery.’” This remains a problem for evolution!

Jesus is not necessarily there to be copied

“It is something of an assumed truism that Christians follow the example of Jesus. Of course we do. He is, after all, the founder and pioneer and of our faith. Surely, if anything was obvious, it is that we are supposed to copy Jesus, aren’t we?” Well, maybe not always.

What’s in a Name?

Here’s the main point of this one: “The only way Abram becomes Abraham is by the power of God through the never-failing word of God. The only way we become who we must become is by the power of God through the never-failing word of God.”

Flashback: The Beautiful Ordinary

All across the world, thousands of ordinary pastors will preach ordinary sermons to ordinary people, and through these sermons they will communicate the most powerful, extraordinary news of all.

Our God is a redeeming God, a God who is determined to reclaim his fallen world, setting it free from its enslavement to corruption and bringing it to a final state of glory. —Douglas Moo and Jonathan Moo

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