A La Carte (December 31)

A La Carte (December 31)

Maybe the Lord be with you and bless you on this final day of 2021.

What Is Indwelling Sin?

This article looks at indwelling sin, specifically through the work of John Owen. “My goal will be to show how his doctrine of indwelling sin is deeply influenced by the theology of the Reformation and a Reformed understanding of the Gospel — and why it is essential to us as Christians today.”

Global Missions and the Treason of Conversion

“Throughout Scripture, when individuals convert, their communities often feel betrayed. To embrace the Triune God as Lord is to repudiate all other lords, identities, and systems. This decision, in the eyes of the world, amounts to treason. Treason. If true conversion is indeed a form of communal ‘treason,’ this has inestimable implications for the missionary task.”

Why Do We Count Down to the New Year?

Have you ever wondered why we count down to the new year? This article from Smithsonian explains where the tradition came from.

Did the Pandemic Wreck the Church?

This is America-centric but probably applies far beyond. “What effect will the coronavirus pandemic have on the future of American religion? Our country has not seen such a radical and abrupt shift in behavior in the last hundred years. Suddenly almost all churches, mosques, and synagogues in the U.S. suspended congregational meetings.”

Backing into 2022: Longing for the World-That-Was

“Normal was the way things were before. We knew the parameters, and we were accustomed to them. No one judged others by their medical decisions. When we wanted to go somewhere, we went without consulting the latest guidelines. We were aware that most media was designed to shape public opinion, but we could ignore it without consequence. We just lived.”

They Saw, But They Forgot

“Sometimes, no matter how many times we’ve read a Bible passage, it strikes us and sticks with us as a new revelation. It’s proof that ‘the word of God is living and active’.” Indeed…

Flashback: The Best Way to Begin a New Year

There is no better way to begin a new year than with the knowledge of your freedom and the desire to live for the glory of the one who has extended such grace. Christian, you are free and clear.

From the beginning, Christians have not defended ‘traditional values.’ They have stood for truth against prevailing cultural norms. —Nancy Pearcey


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