A La Carte (December 8)

A La Carte (December 8)

May the Lord bless and keep you today.

Logos users: Beyond this month’s free and nearly free stuff, you may also want to look at the Christmas sale as well as the sale on Baker commentaries and resources.

Your Online Life Is Real Life

Chris Martin says, “We need to talk about a very real, very frightening phenomenon: a lot of people truly see their online activity and their offline activity as totally separate existences.” (And while we’re talking about Chris Martin, you may enjoy his Saturday newsletter The Funnies. It’s kind of a modern-day equivalent of the weekend comic section in a newspaper.)

How Mary’s Song Bridges The Old and New Testament

Here’s a brief look at how Mary’s song stands between the OT and NT (and why it matters).

Seasons change

“Trees. Luminous in the forest. As the dying begins. Letting go. Piece by piece. Leaf by leaf. Orange. Yellow. Red. Beautiful. And certain. Seasons change.”

The Best Is Yet To Come (Video)

I’m really enjoying this hopeful new song from Ben Rector which says, in the chorus, “the best is yet to come.”

A Pillar of Salt

“Advent tells me that my idea of Christmas is manufactured nostalgia, a good portion of which is created by people who want to sell me things. They don’t want me to be satisfied, or to learn to wait, or to wrestle the darkness—they want me just the right sort of sad to buy more things. Advent as celebrated in the liturgical churches says look forwards, not backwards.”

Merry Gnostic Christmas

Stephen Kneale follows up yesterday’s article about simply enjoying Christmas with some further thoughts. “The fact is, over-spiritualising stuff is a joy-killer. Everything has spiritual value if it is done to the glory of God. So long as we aren’t sinning, we can thank God for good gifts (whatever they are) and just enjoy ourselves. That is alright. Even at Christmas.”

Flashback: 4 Seasons When You Will Face Temptation

…temptations are not entirely unpredictable, and there are certain times in life in which they are more likely to press hard than in others. Here are 4 times or seasons in which you need to be especially vigilant against temptation.

When our faith is starving, a record of answered prayer is like a trail of breadcrumbs leading us back to God’s faithfulness. —John Onwuchekwa


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