A La Carte (February 10)

A La Carte (February 10)

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

Westminster Books has deals on a number of interesting books, including that new one about Tim Keller.

Not a Dinosaur

Mitch Chase: “Among the speakers in the book of Job, the Lord gives the final speech (in chs. 38–41). And the last thing he speaks about is Leviathan. What is Leviathan? Are there clues in the text or outside of the book that help us identify it? Let’s see what we see.” He has an interesting perspective on it.

The Faith Crisis of Francis Schaeffer

This interesting article discusses the existence, cause, and effect of Francis Schaeffer’s crisis of faith.

Not Enough of Me to Go Around

“She stands before me with eager eyes, just wanting her mommy to do one simple thing. Hand extended, she displays the hair tie. But I can’t help her. Not right now. And so I have begun to teach my sweet ones a new saying: ‘My mommy loves me. She will help me when she can.’ A simple truth, but not an easy one.”

Why do Christians address sexuality and gender issues all the time?

“A common refrain among many outside the church is that Christians seem obsessed with talking about sexuality and gender issues. Often, this is mocked or simply dismissed as Christians just seeking to enforce their personal views on other people or to impose our beliefs through government action.” Jason Thacker responds to the charge.

Deliverance Hits the Big Screen

“For those who may not know, a deliverance film will be released next month in two thousand movie theaters across the United States.” “Lovesick Scribe” tells what it’s about and why we should be concerned.

How can we trust the Bible when there are so many contradictions?

“This may be your question. Or the question of someone you know. It’s a good question to ask.
However, the question automatically assumes that there are many contradictions in the Bible, and that the Bible isn’t reliable. And so actually before going further, it’s worth asking these three questions…”

Flashback: Should Young Pastors Prefer a Large or Small Church?

In a small church a pastor will be able to get to know—to really know—his people and the value of each and every soul. Where in a big city church he may preach to anonymous masses, in a small country church he will preach to well-known individuals.

There is no point in praying for victory over temptation if we are not willing to make a commitment to say no to it. —Jerry Bridges

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