A La Carte (February 14)

A La Carte (February 14)

Blessings to you today.

Christianbook.com is having a Mid-Winter Sale and has lots of good products discounted (e.g. Paul Tripp’s New Morning Mercies; Tim Keller’s The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness and new biography; John Piper’s Come, Lord Jesus; Lutzer’s We Will Not Be Silenced and We Will Not Hide; CSB Study Bible; etc.

And yes, there are a few new Kindle deals.

(Yesterday on the blog: Why Modern Dating Is So Difficult)

3 Surprising Agreements Pastors Must Make

This is such a good article from Jared Wilson. “Beginning pastors aren’t often prepared for these unspoken agreements. Veteran pastors still struggle with them. But there are a number of ‘job hazards’ that come with the pastoral territory for which every minister should be aware and to which every minister should adjust. Here are just three…”

How would you explain the doctrine of limited atonement to an Arminian?

Stephen Nichols does a good job of explaining the Calvinistic “L” here.

Join John MacArthur, Costi Hinn, Brooks Buser, Ian Hamilton, Aubrey Sequeira, and Others at The Radius Conference

June 28-29, 2023 @ Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA.  TRC is for pastors, aspiring missionaries, and anyone interested in biblical missiology. (Sponsored Link)

Where Did Baptists Come From?

“The question of the origins of the Christian tradition called Baptist has been, and to some extent still is, a much-debated issue.” Michael Haykin offers some clarity.

Having All Things In Common

“We shouldn’t see this as some early form of communism. This wasn’t the church taking charge of the wealth of the many, but rather this was voluntary, temporary and was limited in its scope. As we continue through Acts and the letters of Paul we see that the need of the church went beyond these early meetings and would be filled by other churches as they were planted and grew.”

“Now we’re on the gospel!”

I love this: “I wish I had been there to see this one. Here’s the scene: An elderly Christian woman is speaking with college girls at a campout. Conversation is going, then the subject turns to Christ. She lights up, pumps her fist, and says, ‘Now we’re on the gospel!’ She loved that they were going to talk about Jesus.”

Flashback: The Music of Heaven

There is a  sense in which our worship extends far beyond the four walls of our little building and reaches to the very gates of heaven.

Any hurried goodbye may be for years, and perhaps final; surely then it should be loving. —J.R. Miller

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