A La Carte (February 22)

A La Carte (February 22)

I made it home safe and sound and, of course, moderately jet-lagged, from my trip to Poland. I’m thankful for traveling mercies (perhaps especially after being in a country with a speed limit of 140 km/h).

There are a few new Kindle deals for the collectors.

Kate Forbes: Would a Christian be permitted to lead Scotland?

“With a Hindu as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and a Muslim as the mayor of London, it would seem that the UK is at last fulfilling the promise of a multi-cultural society. Yet events in Scotland suggest that there is one group who are in effect banned from meaningful political leadership – Christians who actually believe what Jesus says!”

The Devil Is Real

“Recently, the devil visited the Grammys. From the amount of press coverage, it seems he won an award. If you haven’t seen Sam Smith and Kim Petras’s controversial live performance of the song ‘Unholy,’ don’t bother. It’s not worth your time. However, the celebration of this performance does bring up two points that are worth our attention.” Jonathan Noyes explains what they are.

The Respiration of Internet Culture

Chris Martin has an interesting look at the history of the internet here.

Unguarded Advice

“Have you ever considered advice to be a dangerous gift?” Tolkien did, and perhaps we should as well.

What Does Faith Do? It Depends

“Theology is much like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. There are all these different pieces. They do fit, but we don’t always right away realize how. The key is to pay attention to the clues. These are given to us in Scripture.”

I’ll See You in Heaven

We have such hope through the gospel…

Flashback: Homesick

My eyes strain to see it, my ears to hear it, my hands to grasp it. Home, sweet home. Home where my God is. Home where my heart is. Home where my father is. Home where my son is. Simply, wonderfully, eternally home.

The fear of God is a profound respect for His holiness, which includes a fear of the consequences of disobeying Him. —Randy Alcorn

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