A La Carte (February 3)

A La Carte (February 3)

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

ONE Audio books has a free audiobook for you to download—Piper’s The Romantic Rationalist.

There is once again quite an extensive list of Kindle deals for you to take a look at.

The Light Gets Through

This is a sweet one from Melissa. “Their names are Jack and Wanda, and they’ve been married for 70 years. This week I saw a photograph of them that drew me in to a brief moment of their long life together, a photograph that told a story.”

Identity Politics at the King’s Coronation

Carl Trueman: “My old country is now a foreign country to the one in which I grew up. This became strikingly clear to me last week, when it was announced that the king’s coronation celebrations in May would feature an LGBTQ+ choir. To be clear, it is not the make-up of the choir that makes the most striking statement about how Britain has changed from the country I knew.”

The Hidden Super-Stars of Missions

Who are the hidden superstars of missions? This article will tell you—and explain how you can be one.

Words That Lead

“It used to make me feel funny, intuiting this belief that folks have regarding writers, which goes something like this: It must be nice to have so much free time to write articles, posts, and books, rather than working like the rest of humanity.” Kristin carries on with an enjoyable reflection on the task and calling of writing.

Feeding our Longing

“Have you ever felt like there was more to life than this? Known some sense of longing for the future?” Haven’t we all?

Is It Too Difficult For God?

“I raised my head toward heaven and closed my eyes. I expected the red sea to part, Moses with the face of Charlton Heston, complete with flowing robe and raised staff. I prayed for the waters to stand high and for Charity to walk with strong legs on dry ground. I anticipated drama. I had faith to move mountains. I trusted. But, like every day since the illness began, when I opened my eyes, Charity lay in unbearable eerie stillness.”

Flashback: A Few Practical Pointers on Sexual Intimacy

A successful sexual relationship depends upon communication. And yet sex is one of the most difficult things to talk about—at least to talk about productively. A husband and wife need to learn to communicate, to speak often and well, about intimacy.

Walk with God and you will never take the wrong road, even by mistake. You have His infallible wisdom to direct you, His immutable love to comfort you, and His eternal power to defend you. —Charles Spurgeon

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