A La Carte (February 5)

A La Carte (February 5)

Good morning from California. I’m thrilled to be speaking over the next few days at The Master’s University and The Master’s Seminary. I look forward to meeting you (or, more likely, your kids or grandkids) in the days ahead.

Today’s Kindle deals include several good titles from Crossway.

(Yesterday on the blog: What To Do While You Wait To Die)

“Deep down, we all want the wicked to receive their due. We all have our cries for justice. Even Broadway audiences cheer the destruction of the manifest monster. Without controversy, we consign Hitler to damnation. We know great evil demands cosmic justice. Yet we have a harder time imagining ourselves, or our beloved friends and family, a the wicked, as those justly deserving what Jesus called hell.”

Jonathan Leeman makes some very helpful distinctions between different types of authority.

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I quite like this term: gastronomic humility. It is a practice worth thinking about.

“My bride-to-be daughter rushed past the white lace and sequins, the high necklines and capped sleeves, reaching for a sleeveless dress. Excited women crowded around us. We had only one hour to find the perfect dress at the 50-percent-off sellout sample sale. It was wedding season in Utah. This was war.” This is a helpful look at what Mormons believe about marriage.

A lot of people have remarked on the growing normalization of polyamory. In this article Jonathon Van Maren explains why it is being normalized.

Kim Riddlebarger remembers Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, who died a few days ago.

Though our eyes fill with tears when we sink to the valleys, don’t they also fill with tears when we soar to the heights? Maybe then, just maybe, such tears will still fill our eyes when we stand before that throne, when we gain a sight of that Lamb, when we join our voices to sing of that salvation.

As I am humbled by my difficulties, so I am strengthened by God’s grace.

—Alistair Begg

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