A La Carte (January 15)

A La Carte (January 15)

Good morning. I have had a wonderful time in Mexico City and have enjoyed meeting so many people. Today I head home, and just like that, all the travel for Worship Round the World is complete!

Today’s Kindle deals include a very long list of titles from a couple of different publishers.

(Yesterday on the blog: Because We Are Drawn)

This is a very thought-provoking article on pastoral salaries in a changing cultural context. It asks good questions about what churches should expect of pastors and vice versa. “The death of the single-income family is not simply an economic fact. It is a social one—and an enormous one at that, with some significant moral implications. Even if we can do little about it, its demise should not simply be shrugged at.”

You’ll enjoy reading this meditation on promises that are certain.

This article is meant to give you greater confidence in evangelism. Many Christians have tried to share their faith, it says, “and it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Again and again, they’ve sought to build relationships and share the gospel with others, only to bump up against apathy or antagonism. Soon, sharing their faith begins to seem like a waste of time.”

In many ways, the beginning of knowledge is to admit how little you know.

This video from CCEF speaks to the husband who can’t seem to do anything right in his wife’s eyes.

This missionary explains why it can be so hard to really understand a foreign culture. He also considers why Christianity seems not to take root and spread in some regions.

…these two simple questions have directed me through so many theological storms and through so many major decisions.

Sin may open bright as the morning. It ends dark as the night!

—De Witt Talmage

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