A La Carte (January 18)

A La Carte (January 18)

We are digging out after a massive snowstorm yesterday–possibly the biggest I’ve ever seen around these parts. These blizzards never quite lose their wonder…

Today’s Kindle deals include a few books that are worth a look.

(Yesterday on the blog: What Does It Mean To Trust God in Our Trials?)

The Breath of God

Interestingly, I found two articles yesterday that focused on the same theme: the breath of God. “Breathe on us, O Lord, and in us. Breathe love. Breathe hope. Breathe courage into us who walk in the shadows of fear. Breathe joy into us who calibrate our existence by disappointment.”

The Breath of the Lion

And here’s the second: “But this morning, even as we are still feeling sick from Covid, I find myself longing for the breath of God. I find myself fighting to fleshly urge to flee from him into busyness or productivity, intentionally training myself to linger in his presence.”

The Reformation Study Bible, Student Edition

Ligonier Ministries recently released an edition of their popular Reformation Study Bible with many new features for students and young adults. This week, you can use code CHALLIES in the Ligonier store to save an extra 5% on the Reformation Study Bible, Student Edition in any cover style or color. (Sponsored Link)

Losing a Child

This is a brief interview with Christian musician TobyMac whose son passed away a couple of years ago. He offers some very helpful thoughts about loss.

Peace in Acceptance

Sarah reflects on acceptance. “‘Peace and joy begin with acceptance.’ And God’s been providing many lessons in the classroom of ‘acceptance’ lately. Not ‘resignation’, but ‘acceptance. Resignation connotates giving up and laying down in defeat, whereas acceptance connotates believing and trusting that the One who does have control is good and trustworthy, even when I can’t see it in the moment.”

When Everyone Plays His Part

“We all have a tendency to look at what is most celebrated and to aspire after it.” Yet, as Nick Batzig says here, joy comes when each of us plays the part God has assigned us.

Flashback: Don’t Drop the Rock!

Sin is never simple. Sin is never harmless. Sin is always selfish, always an occasion of harm not only to the sinner but to the whole church.

Nagging and scolding never yet made anybody godly! Constant pointing out of blemishes never cured anyone of his blemishes! —J.R. Miller

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