A La Carte (January 2)

A La Carte (January 2)

Good morning. May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Today’s Kindle deals include several books that will be on sale through the end of January.

(Yesterday on the blog: New Year, New Joys, New Sorrows)

“The pressure is growing for everyone quietly to conform.  More than that, the pressure is growing to affirm openly and celebrate what we know to be false.  Surely, it would be better to speak the truth now instead of growing our tendency to fit in and play it safe as the stakes mount.” With this in mind, Peter Mead decides to revisit some classic Solzhenitsyn.

How would you counsel someone who has been experiencing troubled dreams? This is sound advice from an old source.

“Dealing with naturalism can be daunting, until we realize we have a powerful ally working in our favor: Reality is actually on our side.” Greg Koukl explains.

Karen Hodge: “Thinking biblically about productivity includes remembering my identity is rooted in the finished work of Jesus Christ on my behalf rather than in finding my worth in how many things I have checked off my to-do list. In this tension, we may tend towards two extremes.”

“I do not know my father, or even if he is alive or dead. He beat and abused my mother for twelve years until we broke into our own home, packed a few bags, and drove away, never to return. So you can see why ‘Father’ was a loaded term for me when, as an adult, I investigated the God of the Bible. Every time I read this dreaded word – ‘Father’ – it rekindled feelings of fear and abandonment.”

Stephen Nichols shares a brief but important lesson from American church history.

Without a doubt, the most impactful book I read last year was A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness…I’ve collected some of my favorite quotes from the book, hoping they comfort you and perhaps compel you to read the book yourself or hand it to someone who could benefit from it.

I saw more clearly than ever, that the first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day was, to have my soul happy in the Lord.

—George Mueller

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