A La Carte (July 14)

A La Carte (July 14)

Grace and peace to you today.

 (Yesterday on the blog: What a Wonder Is a Human Being!)

Three Pursuits Better Than Being Right

There are some things that are more important than being right, as this article explains.

God is One

“God has revealed himself as Triune. He is both one and three. Yet many hear that statement as contradictory. Obviously, in mathematics 1 does not equal 3. And it would be a contradiction if God was one and three in the same way. But he is not.”

Can Satan Help Grow Your Church?

“If Facebook has taught us one thing it is that sensational titles are crucial to being successful online. If this post were a video, the title would run something like this: ‘The Church Grew More Rapidly Than Ever Before, But You Will Not Believe How…’ However, I don’t believe that my caution in this post—that Satan can indeed grow the church—is irresponsible or sensational.”

Why Did God Let Adam and Eve Sin?

This is a brief and off-the-cuff answer, but still a good one.

Do Unto Authors

“When people ask what I do for a living, I often say, ‘My job is to teach college students how to read.’ This is only half a joke, because the reality is that our educational system and society has left many people incapable of reading well.” It is so important to learn to read books (especially the Bible) well!

God’s Immutability Secures Ten Thousand Promises

This article tells how all of God’s promises really hang upon one of his attributes.

Flashback: Making the Christian Life More Complicated Than It Needs To Be

There is no circumstance in which God has nothing for us to do, no situation in which we cannot be faithful to his calling on our lives. He calls none of us to uselessness and calls none of us to another man’s life or ministry.

Let us not be those who are known digitally but not locally. —Isaac Adams

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