A La Carte (July 18)

A La Carte (July 18)

Grace and peace to you, my friends.

I wanted to remind you of my book launch event in Nashville on Labor Day. I’d love to see you there. It’s a free event with Alistair Begg and CityAlight.

There are some nice new Kindle deals available today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Prayers To Pray While You Preach, Lead, and Sing)

How to Get More Out of Church

“As a pastor, I’m burdened for Christians to get more out of church.” So am I, which is why I’m glad Erik Raymond has an article on the topic.

Don’t Be Dismayed at Their Revilings

It’s amazing how surprised and dismayed we can be when reviled—surprising because we’ve been told to expect it!

An unexpected field for ministry

This is a neat account of how ministry in Angola has been spurred by China, of all places.

No Success Without Suffering

“Spiritual success requires suffering. There is no eternal reward without sacrifice.” If it was true of Jesus, it will be true of us…

Above the Clouds, There is Sunshine

“Do you ever secretly scoff at Israel’s failures in the wilderness, thoroughly convinced that you would’ve done so much better? They were firsthand witnesses to so many instances of God’s saving power and miraculous and faithful provision. ‘Come on now!’ we may think. ‘What is their problem?’ How could they so easily drift from obedience into ungrateful rebellion?”

Dealing With Abuse Overseas is Complicated

“What struck me the most were her lifeless eyes. Without emotion, the young teenager related to me disturbing descriptions of abuse in her home. Her father would verbally assault her and yank her hair. He would beat and kick her mother, locking her out of their bedroom for hours. My horror quickly turned to despair. As a teacher, I knew about mandatory reporting of abuse. But this was not the United States. I had no one to report to.”

Flashback: An Army Without Supplies

…these front-line missionaries, like front-line soldiers, are dependent upon a substantial network of support. They can only go where others prepare them to go and they can only stay where others equip them to stay.

God did not choose us because we would have faith but that we would have faith. —Will Dobbie

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