A La Carte (July 19)

A La Carte (July 19)

The God of love and peace be with you on this fine day.

(Yesterday on the blog: What the Canyon Echoed Back)

The Christian’s Confidence in Christ’s Compassion

“Throughout the four Gospels, readers are flooded with examples of the compassion of Christ.” This can and should be very meaningful to us as Christians!

Being Domineering as a Pastor Doesn’t Require Skill

It’s an interesting thought for pastors and for others in leadership: That there is no skill involved in being domineering.

God Will Turn You Every Which Way but Loose

“Your God, in his providence, will turn you every which way but loose. Do not believe the lies that say God wants your life to be as smooth as possible. That he desires for you to have a problem-free existence if only you would have enough faith. To expose those lies, let us look at the life of one of the most faith-filled men of scripture.”

The Remarkable Story of the First Missionary Hymn

I thoroughly enjoyed this telling of the story of the first missionary hymn. “On Pentecost Sunday 1862, as Western eyes watched civil war rip through America, an event just as momentous unfolded half a world away, hidden from every headline. Some five thousand men and women, many of them former cannibals, gathered on a South Pacific island to worship Jesus Christ.”

Before Us, Beside Us, and Behind Us

This article considers God as our shepherd.

Under the Tomatoes

Andrea Sanborn: “My breath came hard as panic pressed on my chest. I stood in the produce section of the grocery store, scanning the aisles, desperate for a glimpse of my towheaded boy. Every parent has been in a similar situation, but most aren’t searching for a nonverbal child who can’t understand when the game has gone too far.”

Flashback: Scepters, Crowns, Thrones

If there are crowns in God’s invisible kingdom, they are worn only so they can be removed to be thrown at his feet.

I would rather be the means of soothing one perturbed spirit than to play a tune that would set all the sons of mirth reeling in the dance. —De Witt Talmage

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