A La Carte (July 5)

A La Carte (July 5)

The God of love and peace be with you today.

There are a couple of new Kindle deals today. And check out yesterday’s as well if you didn’t catch them then.

Maturing Toward Childlikeness

“It may seem counterintuitive, but Christian growth is a gradual downward movement toward the maturity of childlikeness. Have you ever met a Christian in their later years whose eyes sparkled bright with life? That is a person growing toward childlikeness of heart, not away from it.” What an interesting reality…

Pilgrimage to Dust

Of course we also just plain grow older and experience what comes with aging. “As saints united to Christ by faith, we follow after our Savior. Our bodies will continue to weaken in this life as we walk each day closer to death, but our story doesn’t end there either. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, we know we too walk towards something greater.”

Are We Facist? Yes, We Absolutely Love Faces!

“Thursday morning met us with a new addition to our church sign. Someone had given up some of their evening to spray paint ‘Facist’ across the front.” Did you spot the typo?

Abraham was justified before Jesus’ incarnation. Is faith in Christ necessary for justification?

“Abraham was justified by faith long before Jesus’ incarnation. Is it necessary that our faith be in Christ specifically?” This video answers the question.

My Reconstructed Faith

“What I don’t often hear are stories of those who have reconstructed their faith. Since I couldn’t find many, I thought I would offer my own story of reconstruction after I abandoned Christianity for progressive Christianity.” Philip Ryan traces his journey past deconstruction.

A Declaration of Dependence

Aimee Joseph: “I am incredibly grateful for and deeply benefit from the Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson; however, my soul needs to be stamped with deeper declaration daily: a declaration of dependence.”

Flashback: 5 Cautions for Your Spiritual Disciplines

Don’t read the Bible so you can Instagram your devotions or humblebrag about it on Twitter. Examine your heart to ensure you are using the spiritual disciplines for the noblest of purposes, which is to know and honor God.

In our idolatry we make gifts out to be supreme goods, and make the Giver into the errand boy of our desires. —David Powlison

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