A La Carte (July 8)

A La Carte (July 8)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

(Yesterday on the blog: What a Wonder Is a Human Being!)

Did Jesus Tell Us to Give to Every Panhandler?

I think John Piper does a good job of answering this. “At the last judgment — I’ve thought about this many times — I think Jesus will be much more prone to commend lavish generosity to the undeserving than he will be to commend how shrewd we were in keeping for ourselves our few dollars rather than giving them away. I just can’t imagine Jesus saying, ‘Wow, you were especially good at being shrewd at not being taken advantage of.’ I don’t hear anything like that in Jesus’s teachings.”

When Technology Harms Discipleship

“Years ago before social media, televangelists and online ministries people would walk to a pastor’s home for advice. If they didn’t think it was such a serious matter they’d share with a friend or a few in the fellowship. But life has changed. We now live on one end of the city and go to church on the other side. Our favourite men of God live in a different continent from us. We send our prayers across the seas with a small gift to make sure they are answered. And anonymity means we can share very personal issues to strangers and get advice from people removed from our local context.”

Win Free Admission for Two: 2023 Ligonier National Conference

Ligonier Ministries is offering free admission to ten pairs of winners at their 2023 National Conference, Stand Firm. Taking place in Orlando, FL, on March 23–25, 2023, this conference will encourage Christians to live courageously and without compromise amid changing times, finding stability in the eternal truth of God’s Word. Enter the giveaway today for the possibility of being randomly selected to win free entry for two people.

Even if you aren’t selected to win admission to Ligonier’s 2023 National Conference, you can still save on your registration with the early-bird discount for a limited time. 

Please note that free admission to the conference does not include travel or lodging expenses. (Sponsored Link)

Why Washed in the Blood of Christ is Better Than in my Washing Machine

This article helpfully compares one kind of washing with another.

3 Steps to Examining Your Faith

Here are some helps to obeying in the Bible’s admonitions that we examine our faith.

Who Knew When We Said “I do?”

How many of us really know what we’re doing when we say “I do?”

Was Jesus in the Grave for Three Days?

Lots of people have wondered why there appears to be a contradiction here.

Flashback: My Great Daily Challenge As a Christian

Why do I fail to live the way I want to live, the way God tells me to live, the way God enables and equips me to live? What is the great daily challenge?

I had rather die a Covenant-keeper, than live a Covenant-breaker. —Christopher Love

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