A La Carte (June 22)

A La Carte (June 22)

May the Lord be with you and bless you on this fine day.

Westminster Books is offering a deal on a book that is meant to help your mind be still and quiet.

The Moments that Matter

This is a really good little article from Darryl. “I’ve stopped trying to recognize which moments matter. We’re tempted to think that we know, and we often try to capture and post them. But we’re really poor judges. We may know which images may get likes, but we don’t know what moments matter most, even though they’re humble and ordinary.”

In The Shadows, It Is Well

This is a sweet new poem about finding hope in times of trial.

Sky Painting

I appreciate this reflection on beauty. “How often do you look at the sky? I’m sure the answer is multiple times every day—even if you live in a major city like I do there’s still an awful lot of sky, but how often do you actually look at it?”

Teach Us to Number Our Days

Here are some good and some not-so-good ways to number your days.

Don’t Title People “Pastor” If They Aren’t An Elder

This is needed: A call to reserve the term pastor for, well, pastors. “I don’t think we should put Pastor on people just because they are on a church staff. A pastor isn’t someone who gets a paycheck from a church and is responsible for running events for certain age groups while holding a Bible.”

Reviving the Christian Dignity of Politics

“‘Politics is a dirty business.’ So we hear constantly in some fashion in today’s discourse. Many degrade politics further by saying Christians should not participate in it, at least not consciously as Christians. It is base (not based) and low.” But is this as it should be?

Flashback: Sometimes It’s Best To Express Your Wisdom in Silence

We would all do well to remember that true wisdom is not only knowing your subject well, but also knowing the limitations of your knowledge. We aren’t wise until we know what we know and what we don’t know.

The Holy Spirit will not allow you to live satisfied on the rubbish heap; he will nurture a longing for the City of God to beat in your heart. —Gloria Furman

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