A La Carte (June 7)

A La Carte (June 7)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

It’s Zondervan who is headlining today’s list of Kindle deals.

(Yesterday on the blog: Prayers That God Will Not Answer)

Fantastic Fireflies (Video)

The John 10:10 Project continues its stellar series of videos on the wonders of God’s creation.

God’s Sovereignty, Our Suffering, and Robots

“Christianity faces a tough question regarding the conflict between the Bible’s claim toward God’s sovereignty and our suffering. This question can be asked in a variety of ways—from skeptics’ challenges (‘How can you say there is a God?’) to saints’ laments (‘Why God, why?’). In this article, written more to the saint than to the skeptic, I’d like to address one weak answer to this question and offer three better ones.”

The First Lesson of Prayer

“Prayer is essential to our spiritual lives. That’s probably not a surprise to anyone. But what is a surprise is how many of us think we are terrible at praying.” J.A. Medders addresses this well.

Heap burning coals on his head?

What does the Bible mean when it speaks of heaping burning coals on a person’s head? This article offers a plausible explanation.

The Miseducation of the Pastor

“When it comes to theological education, this means most students enter seminary thinking that what they need above all is to master theological truths, when what they chiefly need is to be mastered by these truths. To say this another way, what seminary students most need to learn is the way of life that emerges among those who have received scriptural truths not merely as facts to be memorized, preached, and defended, but as theological givens, as bricks in a foundation upon which they live and move and have their being.”

20 Scriptures to guide our online speech

Just like the title says, here is Scripture that can help guide our online speech.

Flashback: Accomplishments as High as Heaven, Character as Low as Hell

No one ever resigns. No one ever steps aside. No one ever has such integrity that he counts himself disqualified and removes himself from public ministry. Or very few, anyway.

The price of victory is constant vigilance. Yes, there is grace to cover all our sin; but that grace leads us to mortify it, not to tolerate it. —Sinclair Ferguson

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