A La Carte (March 13)

A La Carte (March 13)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

Today’s Kindle deals include a little list of books on parenting from Crossway.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Pastoral Prayer for Love and Unity)

Authenticating the Fourth Gospel

“When I asked Christians why they trust the Bible in contrast to other holy books, most ended up pointing to their own subjective feelings or experiences, rather than to any objective considerations. Some even described faith as a kind of ‘gut-feeling’ or ‘spiritual sixth sense.’” Shane Rosenthal explains why this is insufficient.

The Many Faces of Islam in Africa

David Fugoyo Baime describes some of the many forms Islam takes. “Islam is one of the largest religions in Africa, making up of over 40% of the African population. To ignore Islam is the greatest mistake practicing Christians in Africa can make.”

The Military’s Best Kept Secret

I enjoyed Kevin’s take on the U.S. military’s best-kept secret.

Men and Emotions

Suggesting that men tend to struggle with expressing their emotions, this article asks, “What does Jesus teach us about emotional expression?”

The Basics — Creation

Kim Riddlebarger describes the basic tenets of a distinctly Christian understanding of creation.

See Me

“We all have a need–a craving–to be noticed. And in the noticing, praised. Esteemed. Wanted.
Loved. But too often our parents disappoint us. And our friends become our competition.”

Flashback: The Snows, The Deep Snows, the Awful Snows

Though it is certainly not always the case, very often the people who are particularly used by the Lord are the same people who endure suffering. De Witt Talmage makes this point well in a quote from one of his sermons.

God is love, but this is quite different from affirming that our culture’s understanding of love must be God. —Kevin DeYoung

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