A La Carte (March 22)

A La Carte (March 22)

The God of love and peace be with you on this fine day.

There’s quite an extensive list of Kindle deals to check out today.

Logos users have one more chance to vote for a winner in March Matchups.

(Yesterday on the blog: When “All Things” Don’t Feel So Good)

To Ben on World Down Syndrome Day

I loved Andrea’s tribute to Ben on World Down Syndrome Day. “You stay the same, but you are constantly changing others. Your positive influence on people cannot be overstated. You, in your weakness, have had a greater impact on your world than many of us with advanced degrees and strong skill sets.”

Every Story needs Tension

Every good story needs some tension to be interesting and fulfilling. But as Peter Muturi asks, “Why is it then that we like our stories to be flat? To get all our prayers answered the way we want, when we want and how we want them. To move from point A to Z on a straight line.”

Expressive Individualism in the Church

The new issue of the 9Marks Journal is all about expressive individualism. There are lots of good articles and reviews to read!

Please Waste Some of Your Prayers

George Sinclair encourages you to regularly “waste” your prayers on those you deem unlikely to repent and believe.

That Bible Book You Don’t Like and What to Do About It

“Here’s a question you may not be asked very often: what’s your least favorite book of the Bible? Which book do you avoid reading, or skim over lightly when it shows up in your Bible reading plan? Which book confuses you, frustrates you, or (let’s be honest) bores you?” This article tells you what to do about it.

Do blogs still matter?

Aaron Armstrong: “But blogs… they don’t matter anymore. Or at least we don’t think they do. They’re slow; unlike social media, they take you out of the moment. You can’t have an instant reaction on a blog. They take a lot of work. They require a kind of thoughtfulness, at least in theory, the kind that plays against all the algorithms.”

Flashback: 8 Ways God Turns Temptations to Blessings

The more furiously Satan tempts, the more fervently the saint prays. A running deer sprints as soon as it discerns the presence of the hunter and, in the same way, the soul that comes under fire from Satan’s darts runs faster to the throne of grace.

Wise is that Christian parent who begins every morning with the word of God and fervent prayer. —Theodore Cuyler

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