A La Carte (March 24)

A La Carte (March 24)

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

Westminster Books has a deal on a neat new book for kids. And some other books for kids.

How to Detect Deception

Shane Rosenthal looks at the conclusions of a recent study and bridges from there to a defense of the historical accuracy of the gospels.

The Class of 2003: An Interview with Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, and Jared Wilson

Ten years ago Joe Carter interviewed Jared Wilson, Justin Taylor, and me about blogging. Now, ten years later, he has done so again. We consider blogs as they were then and are now. And I guess we will check in again in 2033!

Join Brooks Buser @ TRC23 Speaking on “Gospel Clarity For The Sake of The Nations”

Missionaries today not only need to know the gospel message, but also, just as importantly, how to communicate that message across language and culture to those still in darkness. This will be a session that will look at those two challenges and how churches can help prepare their sent ones for the task of missions among unreached language groups. (Sponsored Link)

Words from a Donkey

Are we really meant to believe that a donkey once spoke? That’s what Mitch Chase considers here.

I Just Need Something New!

“Your eyes pass back and forth over the clothes hanging in your closet. Nothing looks appealing. Nothing ‘sparks joy.’ I just need to throw it all out and start fresh. Maybe I should make one of those capsule wardrobes. After pulling an old sweatshirt over your head, you make your way to the kitchen. Rustling through the mismatched plates and chipped bowls, you pull out what you need for breakfast. We need some new dishes, no wonder I don’t invite people over to our house.” Etc…

Is It Wrong to Read Romance Novels?

This is something I was asked recently. I appreciate Barbara’s answer here.

If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

“I know I am small, ordinary, and emphatically average. Just one more face among billions. But this face is smiling. When I look around at my ordinary little life I see a wealth of blessings. I feel the richness of relationships and the love of my Creator, who designed me for a purpose in his kingdom that is more significant than any bank balance could ever be.”

Flashback: Why Do We Add To Our Trouble?

Our steps grow lighter when we repent of every sin, when we cast off every transgression, when we remove every hindrance. Holiness in our lives brings lightness to our steps.

God never calls you to a task without giving you what you need to do it. He never sends you without going with you. —Paul David Tripp

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