A La Carte (March 28)

A La Carte (March 28)

March Matchups at Logos has wrapped up for the year and lots of great deals are ready for the taking. You’ll find 50% off Preaching the Word Commentary Series, 57% off Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary, 60% off Zondervan Exegetical Commentary Collection, and so on. Get them all here.

I did add just a couple of new Kindle deals to the list as well.

(Yesterday on the blog: Behind-the-Scenes: Endorsements)

Midlife, Christ Is

Jared Wilson reflects on midlife. “Midlife brings new insecurities and awakenings to long-dormant regrets. Many of us face empty nests and the prospect of, in effect, starting over with spouses we’ve only related to for so long as co-parents rather than as partners or friends. Many of us face the reality of aging parents and any fears or worries or responsibilities that come with that.”

Pastors and Social Media

“If I were on a church’s pastoral search committee, one question I would have for each candidate is: What social media accounts do you use, how often do you publish on them, and who in your life has total access to your page and your private messages and could confront you, if necessary, about anything on there?” Samuel James explains.

Wood Wide Web

The John 10:10 Project has another of their fascinating videos.

The Great Reunion Awaits: Reflections a Year After Nanci Entered Heaven

Randy Alcorn: “A year ago … on March 28, 2022, I said goodbye—for now—to my wife, Nanci, who was also my partner, soulmate, and best friend. The pilgrimage of grief, though full of learning and enrichment, is one I would gladly exchange to have my wife with me again. And yet…not really, because I recognize God’s sovereignty and love, and His perfect plan, and the fact that my wife is now happier than she has ever been.”

What Is Lust?

What is lust? That’s a good question…

When Did Jesus Die? (Do We Know the Day and Time?)

“Ever wondered, ‘When did Jesus die?’ It’s a perfectly reasonable question as we near the celebration of Easter. The good news is there’s a fairly straightforward answer.”

Flashback: It’s Better To Suffer Wrong

Whatever we have suffered has not taken place outside of his will, beyond his providence, or past the jurisdiction of his sovereignty. This injustice was not unforeseen by God and did not catch him by surprise.

We forget too easily the words of the Lord Jesus; but He never forgets a promise He makes! —J.R. Miller

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