A La Carte (March 29)

A La Carte (March 29)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Presbyterian School Mourns 6 Dead in Nashville Shooting

Like so many others, I’m shocked and grieved by the recent tragedy at Covenant School in Nashville (which CT reports on here). I am praying for all those whose loved ones have been taken and whose hearts have been broken.

More Than Watchmen for the Morning

Meredith Beatty: “The watchman trusted that the sun would come up every single morning, but don’t we have a greater hope? Shouldn’t we be spilling over with faith-filled confidence?”

The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook” Now Available from Lithos Kids

A faithful retelling of the story of God’s kingdom from Genesis to Revelation. Fully illustrated Old and New Testament volumes for ages 2 to 11. (Sponsored Link)

How to Respond to Deconstructionist Social Media

“Last week, a young adult I pastor came into my office to ask about something he’d seen. It was a video of a deconstructionist influencer on TikTok ‘proving’ that the Gospels are unreliable. He wanted to know what I thought. The video had shaken his faith. Videos on social media like these have millions to hundreds of millions of views. If you pastor younger generations, you’re likely already aware of this new reality. If you’re not, welcome.”

Is there a difference between regeneration and being born again? (Video)

Is there a difference between regeneration and being born again? Sinclair Ferguson clarifies the terms.

Wrath Is Not an Attribute of God

“The love of God and the wrath of God are commonly pitted against one another, particularly in the doctrine of atonement. If the cross is the demonstration of the love of God (Rom. 5:8), then how could it also be an expression of his wrath?” It’s important to know that wrath is not one of God’s attributes alongside love.

Fear After Grief

Brianna Lambert: “Perhaps you’ve been walking through seasons of grief, as you mourn especially deep pain. The dark clouds have begun to shift, but you’re not sure if you can bear to greet the sun, lest you have to return to the dark.”

Flashback: 31 Days of Purity: A Renewed Mind

Throughout his life, the Christian is to be renewing his mind by the Word of God, to take it into captivity and bring it into conformity. As he does this, his words and his deeds, and even his thoughts, will necessarily follow.

Loneliness is one of humanity’s most tender emotions. It reminds us that we are not made for ourselves. We were made for our Creator. The barbs of loneliness are God’s way of saying, “Here I am!” —Steve DeWitt

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