A La Carte (March 7)

A La Carte (March 7)

Blessings to you on this fine day.

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of interesting titles.

March Matchups at Logos is on to round 2, so head over and vote.

(Yesterday on the blog: Revival at Asbury: A Cold Take)

George Whitefield Tried to Kill Me

I expect there’s a good number of pastors (and non-pastors) who would benefit from reading this one.

AI is Here: The Precocious Adolescence of Artificial Intelligence

“AI is here. We knew it was coming, but it feels too soon. Like when your little boy’s voice breaks and you suddenly realize he needs deodorant and a shave.” Clint has quite an interesting reflection on AI and ChatGPT here.

The Blessing of Forgiving Our Parents

“Are you convinced yet that you need to forgive? I’ve had some trouble with these verses in the past—not because I was unwilling to forgive, but because I seemed unable to forgive. Especially when it came to those who had inflicted deep wounds in my childhood.”

The Joy of Being Forgiven

This article seems to nicely complement the previous one.

Where do you get that from the text?

This is so important when it comes to studying the Bible and living the Christian life. “It’s a simple little question, isn’t it? Where do you get that from the text? Simple, but effective. Not only effective, but really quite important.”

Are Christians Obligated to Vote?

John Piper considers whether Christians can, should, or must vote.

Flashback: When the Best Part Is the Door

…the pleasures of this life are nothing more than the the foyer, the atrium, the entranceway to much greater joys beyond.

The astonishing surprise at the heart of the universe is not that there is only one way to get to heaven. The astonishing surprise is that there is any way to get to heaven for miserable sinners such as us. —Dane Ortlund

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