A La Carte (May 13)

A La Carte (May 13)

I am on vacation with my family this week. For that reason, there will be only A La Carte articles from today through Saturday. The normal slate of articles will resume next week.

Today’s Kindle deals include some books that ask and answer important questions.

“Every marriage has elements that produce heat and friction. And unless your marriage is continually bathed with the oil of grace and the ability to forgive one another, you can expect your marriage to seize up, just like an engine that has no oil in the crankcase.”

“Sometimes it feels as if the world sits on a tinder box, and we wonder at the bigger forces behind the scenes, at the tomorrows that wait for our children and grandchildren. For a nation. For us. Take heart. Trust the One behind the scenes. He is neither surprised nor shaken by crisis. He remains the same faithful, good, and purposeful God to each and every generation.”

Why are there so many denominations? This article suggests an answer.

Vaneetha Rendall Risner: “What is the point of suffering in obscurity? That question haunted me for years. I wondered if there was any purpose to the days, months, and even decades of pain that no one witnessed. My suffering wasn’t neat and tidy, with a definite beginning, a short duration, and a clear purpose. It dragged on till I was tempted to give up hope and to rage against my circumstances.”

“We are naturally self-centered. We live as if we are the center of the universe. We live to achieve what we want in life. We live for the aim of our self-centered pursuits in life. Our dreams, wants, and longings revolve around us. Self. Self. Self. Is our priority.” Indeed.

Randy Alcorn tells how our view of wealth has gotten all skewed.

One day you look at your children and realize they aren’t just your kids anymore, but your friends. You realize you’d spend time with these people even if they weren’t related to you.

Satan is real and his strategy is to fill the world with lies—philosophical lies, religious lies, political lies, even biblical lies.

—Alexander Strauch

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