A La Carte (May 16)

A La Carte (May 16)

Blessings to you today, my friends.

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of interesting titles.

(Yesterday on the blog: The God Who Knows)

Thoughts from an Are Not

“Really effective preaching takes place by a man who is part of the church in which he preaches, and he is preaching to people he knows. He is preaching to people he has visited, prayed with, prayed for. He knows that when he goes into the pulpit there are sitting in front of him people who are overcome with all kinds of problems.”

Why I Loved Caring for My Aging Parents

Deborah Smith explains why caring for her aging parents was a blessing.

The testimony we want our children to have

“It was the testimony of John the Baptist (Luke 1:41, 44). It was very likely the testimony of Timothy (2 Tim 1:5; 3:15). Of course, it was the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ par excellence (Luke 2:40, 52). What was it?” It’s a great one!

Pastor Rob Ventura Discusses William Burkeitt’s New Testament Commentary

Some years ago, I discovered Burkitt’s New Testament commentary online and have used it with much joy ever since. There are so many things I like about this work that I could not keep it to myself. To my great delight, Mike Gaydosh at Solid Ground Christian Books agreed to publish this valuable volume, having used it himself for many years with much profit. (Sponsored Link)

At what point is it appropriate to leave your church? (Video)

Here’s a pair of good answers to an oh-so-common question.

To Those Who Fear They Aren’t Radical Enough

“Growing up as a teenager in the church, there were a lot of calls to step up and do something radical. Don’t be content with being ordinary. Be bold and take risks for God. Do something extreme and revolutionary. That’s how you grow your faith and glorify God in the best way possible. That message hasn’t changed much as I’ve grown older.”

Fantasy Football and the Death of the Book

Joe has some counsel meant to help you become a more effective reader.

Flashback: Fathers (and Mothers), Do Not Provoke Your Children!

There may be times when your children’s anger toward you is more righteous than your actions or attitude toward them.

A mother’s relationship with her child is one that will encompass a lifetime. How blessed is a child who has that anchor of strength and support. —Sally Clarkson

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