A La Carte (May 23)

A La Carte (May 23)

Blessings to you today.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Freedom of Embracing My Weaknesses)

Thousands of Happy, Unwitting Plagiarists: The Shaping Legacy of Tim Keller

I really appreciated Jared Wilson’s tribute to Tim Keller. (See also Paul Tripp’s)

God’s Grace in Our Weakness

“The longer I walk with God, the smaller I recognize myself to be—small power, small thinking, small faith, small resistance to sin. I am not great. Surprisingly, this has not discouraged me.”

The Radius Conference

PLENARY TOPICS: Brooks Buser – Gospel Clarity For The Sake Of The Nations; Costi Hinn – The One True Gospel Throughout The World; Wayne Chen – The Gospel Across Cultures; Aubrey Sequeira—Emptying The Cross Of Its Power: Honor/Shame And The Gospel Of Christ; and John MacArthur – A Faithful Gospel vs. A Quick Gospel. (Sponsored Link)

Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Badly

“You’ve probably heard it said, ‘Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.’ Generally, I agree with that statement. If a thing is worth giving our time for, we should strive to do it with excellence.” However…

Donald Macleod (1940–2023): In Memoriam

This weekend the Scottish theologian Donald Macleod went to be with the Lord. This is a remembrance of him.

The Lord Has Comforted us…a Year Later

Kenneth Irungu tells how the Lord has comforted him and his wife as they have grieved the loss of their unborn child.

Working on the Inside, Not Only the Outside

“Jesus is calling people to a consistently godly life here, not one that only looks acceptable on the outside. It is easier to look godly than to actually be godly. We must work on the kinds of things that others do not see, things like resisting temptation, cultivating prayer, and deepening in our understanding of God’s word.”

Flashback: My Heart Longs for Justice (Kind of)

When I honestly assess myself, I have to admit that my longing for justice is not universal. I want justice for other people’s sins, but not for my own. I want their misdeeds to be met with justice but mine to be met with mercy. Is this not the very height of hypocrisy?

If you and I see ourselves merely as peddlers or purveyors of a spiritual “message”, we rapidly become salesmen for the gospel instead of true ministers of the gospel. —Harold Senkbeil

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