A La Carte (May 4)

A La Carte (May 4)

Today’s a big day—the day Michaela finishes up high school. And just like that, our family is done with high school forever.

There are several new Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Behind-the-Scenes: Christian Publishing)

Brothers, We Can Do Better

Erik Raymond: “Recently, the priority and practice of expository preaching have been recovered. I praise God for this development. At the same time, I’m concerned that our expositional reformation hasn’t gone far enough.”

“That’s Just Your Interpretation”

Kevin DeYoung considers issues of biblical interpretation. “In our day, that debate is not a technical theological controversy about popes, councils, and the magisterium. But the question is just as important because an implicit denial of the clarity of Scripture goes hand in hand with the diminishment of the study of Scripture.”

Knowing is Superior to Uncertainty

“In our society, to say that you actually know something is considered prideful, narrow-minded, and completely ignorant. The proper thing, says society, is to be a little uncertain about things. You can’t know everything, so you shouldn’t claim to know anything. Well, I just need to say this out loud: Knowing is superior to uncertainty.”

What can we learn from the ministry of J. Gresham Machen? (Video)

Robert Godfrey provides just a bit of an introduction to a key Christian figure from the early twentieth century.

The Power of Encouragement

“She started her statement casually, ‘I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before, but…’ and then she raised my spirits with a thoughtful encouragement about how my co-lead pastor (Greg) and I complement each other as preachers. And no, I had never heard that encouragement quite that way before.” Few things cost less but accomplish more than a bit of well-timed encouragement!

Thankful God Is Not a Stranger

“In my early Christian life, when something negative happened, I’d be shaken. I wonder if this was happening because I’d done something wrong. I’d feel that God was far away. I knew He loved me, but I didn’t feel so loved. I’d ponder all the ‘what ifs,’ which would shake me up even more.”

Flashback: 6 Very Good Reasons to Consider Your Short Little Life

Our lives are short. They are, in the words of the author of Ecclesiastes, little more than vapor, dust blow by the wind. Yet the very thought that could dismay or depress you, can also motivate you. Here are some blessings that will be yours when you pause to consider your short little life.

Every sorrow borne in simple faith is helping others bear their sorrows. Every burden victoriously carried is helping men and women to be braver. —George Herbert Morrison

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