A La Carte (November 10)

A La Carte (November 10)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

There’s a nice little list of Kindle deals for you to look at today.

All Things Great and Small

“A hurricane reveals just a little bit of the greatness of God. The Bible reveals much, much more of His greatness. Yet, there is much that we cannot understand.”

Family Devotions: The Launchpad for Spiritual Leadership in the Home

This article has lots of advice on beginning and maintaining family devotions.

Church History

Simonetta Carr’s Church History provides a thrilling overview of God’s work in His people. Readers young and old will learn from this beautifully illustrated story of our Christian heritage. Check out Free Stuff Fridays this week for a chance to win a free copy of Church History! (Sponsored Link)

How Do I Know If I Really Love God? (Video)

This video is a good answer to the question.

Love Is A Skill

“We seem to agree that love is fundamental to what it means to live well as a human. It’s part of who we are, built in to the human heart. Which is exactly right: love is the image of God shining out, crying out to the world around us that the something or someone we love is worthy of valuing and treasuring. In that sense, love is natural. It is one of the deepest realities of who we are, of who God made us to be.”

A Call for Endurance and Faith

“When the world’s system is drawing its net around Christians, using policies or other regulations to force us out of our employment or shut down our businesses if we do not comply, realize it is appointed for some of us to be fired. And when we are threatened with mistreatment, we are to stand firm in the faith. We must also stand in solidarity when other imperfect Christians are condemned, not point fingers.”

Flashback: Life Is Fleeting

Scarcely do we draw our first breath before we draw our last. Scarcely do we open our eyes before we close them once more. Scarcely do we live before we die.

Let us not fear modern criticism; it cannot rob us of one jot or tittle of God’s truth. Scripture will shake it off, as the Apostle did the viper which fastened on his hand, and felt no hurt. —F.B. Meyer

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