A La Carte (November 10)

A La Carte (November 10)

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you on this fine day.

Westminster Books has just discounted a favorite Christmas outreach resource. They’ve also put together an early Christmas gift guide.

There is a strong collection of Kindle deals to consider today.

How Can I Return to Normal Life After Tragedy?

John Piper answers a question from a grieving widow. “I think I can say, with some degree of certainty, that the more your life is embedded in or intertwined with what or whom you’ve lost — whether it’s your spouse, job, health, home, or child — then the more normal it is to feel disoriented and aimless.”

Proximity and Plausibility

“Why do self-described pro-life people still get abortions?” And beyond that, why do people behave in ways that counter their professed beliefs?

Sin in the Christian life

“Many years ago, when I was in seminary, I asked one of my professors what had surprised him most about the church when he had finished his own theological studies and had started serving in ministry. I will never forget his response. He said, ‘Guy, would you believe there is actually sin in the church!’” This leads to a look at Romans 7 and Paul’s statements there.

Don’t Be Like the Ant

“Don’t be like the ant who thought that it was his strong legs that pushed the log down the river. He overestimated.” Jim Elliff wants Christians to be cautious when evaluating the effects of their words and work.

The Temptation We Most Often Overlook

What is a temptation Christians may most often overlook in their own lives? Trevin suggests one here.

The Art of Sermon Illustrations

This is a very helpful article about sermon illustrations. Pastors and other teachers would do well to read and consider it.

Flashback: Life Is Fleeting

Scarcely do we draw our first breath before we draw our last. Scarcely do we open our eyes before we close them once more. Scarcely do we live before we die.

The good that I have received from my sorrows, and pains, and griefs, is altogether incalculable… Affliction is the best bit of furniture in my house. It is the best book in a minister’s library. —Charles Spurgeon

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