A La Carte (November 11)

A La Carte (November 11)

Grace and peace to you today.

Today’s Kindle deals include some interesting titles.

(Yesterday on the blog: The World Next Door)

The Abolitionist Hero You’ve Never Heard Of

You will enjoy reading this introduction to a man you may not know. Or if you do, for something other than his abolitionism.

The Age of Ingratitude

Carl Trueman calls this the age of ingratitude. “In the times of turmoil in which we live, various candidates suggest themselves as ways of capturing the essence of our epoch: the age of anxiety, the age of identity politics, the age of polarization. All touch on some obvious aspect of our current struggles. But perhaps a better title might be the age of ingratitude.”

Church History

Simonetta Carr’s Church History provides a thrilling overview of God’s work in His people. Readers young and old will learn from this beautifully illustrated story of our Christian heritage. Check out Free Stuff Fridays this week for a chance to win a free copy of Church History! (Sponsored Link)

From Griping to Gratitude

Speaking of ingratitude, “a grateful heart is always satisfied.”

Some jobs are never done

“Some jobs just never seem done.” This is so very true.

What Is the Difference between God’s Discipline and God’s Punishment?

“There are things God will never do with our sin—one of which is that he will never repay us. He will never count it against us.” And that is so good to know and to remember.

Flashback: Keep a Close Watch on Yourself!

The sin was so unnecessary, so avoidable. But it became possible, it became inevitable, when they failed to keep a close watch on their behavior, on their life, on themselves.

Genuine salvation consists not of giving glowing testimonies but in departing from evil, not in relating glorious experiences with God but in living a consistent life. —Dale Ralph Davis

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