A La Carte (November 16)

A La Carte (November 16)

May the God of love and peace be with you today.

(Yesterday on the blog: The More We Drink, The More We Thirst)

Walking the Streets of Gold

I love simple stories like this one. “Last week I preached the funeral of a dear friend and sister in Christ. The Lord used her as a constant reminder of his amazing grace to me and so many others. I knew her as Mrs. Jo, and she passed away at the age of ninety-eight.”

Defending Sound Doctrine Against the Deconstruction of American Evangelicalism

There’s a lot to ponder in Jonathan Leeman’s long article about sound doctrine and the deconstruction of American Evangelicalism.

The Death of Hospitality

Kudos to the author for the originality of this article.

What is Attractional Ministry?

“It’s become popular to stomp all over ‘attractional’ ministry. These types of easy-takedowns usually contrast legalism with grace, man-centered teaching with Bible-centered teaching, and fun events with intentional discipleship. In this way, the critics are bolstering their own ministry philosophy as grace-drive, Bible-centered, and discipleship-focused, while attractional youth workers are the exact opposite.”

Dear Younger Me, Remember Your Most Important Work

Amber has written a letter to her younger self. I expect we’d all have some good words to say to the “ourselves” of ten years ago.

What Is an Apologist?

William Boekestein is writing a whole series on apologetics for Reformation21. He’s now two entries into the series, so this is a good time to get caught up.

Thanksgiving in Everything, Not for Everything

There’s a key distinction to be made in being thankful in everything and for everything.

Flashback: A Call for Christian Extremists

We are to bring glory to God by doing good for others. Allah may be glorified in maimed bodies and blood-soaked city streets, but God is glorified in acts of love and deeds of kindness.

There is perhaps no greater secret of progress in Christian living than a healthy, hearty spiritual appetite. —John Stott


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