A La Carte (November 27)

A La Carte (November 27)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

Today I have put together a long list of deals for Cyber Monday. There are some significant discounts to be had!

Today’s Kindle deals include some seasonal books from Crossway along with quite a number of other options.

(Yesterday on the blog: Proven Faith Is More Precious than Gold)

The Purpose and Limits of a Husband’s Authority

I wish I had read this article when I was much earlier on in marriage. Husbands of any age would do well to read, consider, and apply it.

From Bright Star to Bridegroom

I think you’ll benefit from reading Jay Dharan’s account of how Jesus turned the worst year of his life into the best year of his life.

The Importance of the Pastoral Payer: Don’t Ditch It and Don’t Wing It!

“An all-but-forgotten aspect of the liturgy that most non-traditional churches have gotten away from is the Pastoral Prayer. I confess that I have only recently, in the last four years, seen the pastoral prayer (prayer of supplication) as a valuable part of our liturgy as a young church plant. I am still growing in how to use this critical time in our worship service to best equip and encourage the variety of people who attend.”

Geography and Your Christian Growth

John Musyimi makes a guest appearance on Chopo Mwanza’s blog to ask some good questions. “What factors came into play as you were deciding where to stay? No doubt cost came into it. We want to live in housing that is affordable for our income. No doubt certain amenities came in as well. We also consider accessibility, security and distance from our places of work. All these factors are important and ought to continue playing a role in such a decision. But have you ever considered how living in close proximity to fellow church members might serve your faith?”

Why the Church of England’s Same-Sex Marriage Vote Breaks My Heart

Rebecca McLaughlin: “Last week, the Church of England voted in favor of a trial of special services asking God’s blessing on same-sex couples. I was raised in the Church of England and trained at an Anglican theological college. I’ve also experienced same-sex attraction for as long as I can remember. But this vote breaks my heart. Let me explain why.”

I’m Never More Christ-Dependent Than When I’m Doing Deep Breathing Exercises

Bob takes an extended look at the reality that we are embodied souls and suggests ways this can lead us to deal with anxiety.

Flashback: How I Review a Book

I became a book reviewer rather by trial and error and only through a very informal medium. Even then, I focus almost entirely on popular-level reviews of popular-level books. Having said that, I typically use a loose formula that I think can be helpful and that often resonates with readers.

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