A La Carte (November 30)

A La Carte (November 30)

As is the custom in December, Westminster Books has all ESVs at 50% off. That includes Journaling Bibles; Study Bibles; Children and Youth Bibles; Premium and Heirloom Bibles; Scripture Journals; and so on.

Today’s Kindle deals include the excellent When Helping Hurts along with commentaries on Romans and James.

(Yesterday on the blog: When You Poke God in the Eye)

Reformer’s Syndrome

“Among the many theological ailments that can strike in Reformed churches, ‘Reformer’s Syndrome,’ is one of the more troublesome. What is ‘Reformer’s Syndrome,’ you ask?” J.V. Fesko explains.

Reformed Stupidity?

Meanwhile, Wes defends Reformed theology against a charge of stupidity. And as he does so, he explains a key theological distinction. “Do Reformed preachers not see the stupidity of telling people not to rely on their works while also saying genuine faith produces good works? It just seems like double-speak to avoid being labeled Catholic or Arminian.”

Five Barren Women in the Old Testament

“Whenever the biblical authors describe a woman as barren, you can rest assured she won’t be barren for long. The reason for this confidence is the pattern of God’s reversal of the state of barrenness.” Mitch Chase looks at all of the OT women who are described in this way.

Stop Calling Them Names

Sam Emadi calls on Christians to stop using name-calling with their theological opponents. “If you’re prone to use name-calling with theological opponents, consider three passages in Scripture and how they address our unhealthy culture in evangelicalism of pejorative labeling.”

10 Quick and Random Thoughts on Writing

Nick McDonald is deep in the book writing process and from that perspective offers 10 quick, random, helpful thoughts about writing.

Because He Has Heard

Kyle Borg: “Almost two weeks ago, as I was winding down from a week of work, I got a phone call from a member of the church. Within seconds I knew this was a serious phone call. The dad on the other end said: ‘It’s my son. I think he drowned. He was unresponsive when they pulled him from the water, but the ambulance got him breathing again. We need prayer.’”

Flashback: True Peace With God Comes on God’s Terms

As you battle sin, listen for God’s affirming voice and look for success. God is for you and loves to help you put your sin to death. It is his delight. He will speak peace to your soul.

Nothing more pleases, honors, and glorifies Christ than the confiding trust, the expectant confidence, and the child-like faith of those to whom He has given every cause to trust Him with all their hearts. —A.W. Pink

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