A La Carte (November 8)

A La Carte (November 8)

Thanks to all who attended last night’s webinar on Logos. Those who had pre-registered should have received a copy of the recording; if not, you will soon. For others, I will upload it to my YouTube channel and let you know when it is there. There are discount codes here for new purchases or for upgrades. (I had a bit of trouble with screen sharing–bear with the blurriness for a few minutes and you will see we work it out.)

Westminster Books has a new resource from John Frame on sale this week. (Note: it’s a revised and enhanced edition of his previous book Salvation Belongs to the Lord.)

You’ll find a nice collection of Christian and general market books over at the Kindle deals page.

Widows: The Untapped Resource in Your Church

I love this article. “Widows aren’t delicate knick-knacks to put on a shelf and dust every now and then; they’re vital ministers to be deployed in the life of the church. They can teach the church a great deal about faith, devotion, service, and prayer.”

Abraham and Abimelech

“I don’t want to alarm you, but the Bible is full of bad people. As I begin my second journey through the Holy Scriptures in a mere ten months, I am once again astonished by how wicked the main characters are.” Anne considers this and how it must impact people who read the Bible through a progressive lens.

Endless, Bottomless, Boundless Grace and Compassion

This is an especially sweet one from Sinclair Ferguson.

From Shadow to Substance: Aaronic Priesthood’s Transformation

“Let’s say you’re reading through Exodus and you get to chapter 40, where the Levitical priesthood is being described. There you read that Aaron and his sons were to be a ‘perpetual priesthood throughout their generations’ (Ex. 40:15). Wait, what? Perpetual? As in, never-ending—the opposite of temporary? If the Levitical priests are supposed to be perpetual, then how come we don’t have them in our churches?”

Will We Know Everything in Heaven or Will We Learn?

Will we know everything in heaven, or will be be constantly growing in knowledge? Randy Alcorn considers the biblical evidence.

Why Do We Get Baptized One Time but Take Communion Many Times?

“One specific point of confusion is whether baptism is a onetime event in the life of the believer and whether anyone—baptized or not—can take the Lord’s Supper. Even if certain Christians affirm that baptism can be received only once, they may not understand why, and they may not know whether the Lord’s Supper should be given to only those who have been baptized.”

Flashback: A Tribute to Those of Simple Faith

People of complex faith are prone to see apathy in those of simple faith, and people of simple faith are prone to see obsessiveness in those of complex faith. Both can grow weary and suspicious of the other.

The fact is, as believers, it is not about us. It is not about my happiness, my joy, my wellbeing. It is about the glory of God and the kingdom of Christ. The only means to real joy and contentment is to make His glory the supreme objective in my life. —Elisabeth Elliot

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