A La Carte (October 23)

A La Carte (October 23)

Good morning from Oakville. After a very enjoyable weekend in Louisville (spent mostly with Third Avenue Baptist Church) I’m glad, as always, to be back home.

(Yesterday on the blog: Worship Round the World: Pressing On and Nearing the End)

The Question Your Kids Shouldn’t Be Asking

I agree with Melissa: This is a question your kids shouldn’t be asking.

The Origins of Deaconesses in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria

“We can learn from our brothers and sisters—their reading and applying of Scripture, and the roles and systems they built to facilitate ministry. Today, as local churches and denominations think about deploying men and women for ministry, there are patterns we can appeal to, some of which, for various reasons, dropped out of popular consciousness and church practice over the last century.”

Stream the Luther Documentary for Free

In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg. Little did he know how God would use him to ignite a movement that would change the world. Witness the spark that set the Reformation ablaze by watching Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer. This documentary is freely available on Ligonier Ministries’ YouTube channel. You can also download the accompanying study guide for free. (Sponsored Link)

How Did Jesus’s Stories Get Passed On?

So how did Jesus’s stories get passed on, anyway?

Doug Wilson and Postmillennial Theonomy

I don’t often link to X (Twitter) but found this explanation of Doug Wilson’s eschatology especially helpful. “Postmillennial theonomists read the Great Commission differently. When it says, ‘Make disciples of all nations,’ they don’t read that to mean, ‘Make disciples out of the nations.’ For them, it’s literally, ‘Christ said to make Christian nations.’”

The Resilient Leader

“Although an important virtue of a leader, resilience is a characteristic every disciple of Christ is called to cultivate.” This article explains the importance of that virtue.

He Alone Does Great Wonders

“The authors of Scripture are unanimously in awe of the God about whom they are writing.” They most certainly were. And we ought to be as well.

Flashback: Young Christian: Give the Lord a Lot to Work With

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