A La Carte (October 27)

A La Carte (October 27)

Good morning from Anchorage, Alaska (again). Our flight to Dutch Harbor was canceled yesterday so we are hoping for better things today.

Today’s Kindle deals include a few interesting titles.

(Yesterday on the blog: Getting the Most Out of Logos: A Webinar)

Will My Husband Still Think I’m Attractive as I Age?

I appreciate Britt’s honesty and vulnerability in this article. “In my mid-thirties, insecurity threatens to wrap itself around me. Everything about my body is changing. My belly sticks out, cellulite ripples my legs, gray hair covers my roots, and wrinkles sink into my forehead. My body is nothing like what I used to see in the mirror. I feel a growing need to hide its true shape from not only the world, but my husband.”

For Those Distracted with Much Serving

This ought to be both challenging and encouraging. “God will accomplish His will with or without you. We are used to build the church. Amen! But it is fundamentally Christ who builds His church, not us. You and I are not necessary; only Jesus is.”

$5 Friday (and More) Sale: Reformation Collection

Today, Ligonier Ministries is gearing up for Reformation Day with a special $5 Friday (and More) sale. A wide selection of teaching series, books, study Bibles, and more have been significantly discounted, with many resources available for only $5. Shop and save while supplies last. (Sponsored Link)

What comfort do God’s people have in times of war and conflict? (Video)

Derek Thomas offers an answer.

The Good Portion

“This beautiful time of year, the turning from summer to autumn in Virginia, is a sight to behold. The shifting light, the shortened days, and the cooler mornings signal a return to the splendor of fall. Autumn is a time of distinction, with the onset of firepits and football and family gatherings, as we anticipate Thanksgiving. It is also a time of busyness at church.”

It’s Just a Small One

Jacob shares a conversation between the new man and the old man.

Burdened Excessively and Despairing of Life

“Through the unshakable Hope available in Christ Jesus we have an invitation to be comforted and delivered through every affliction by the living God who promises to uphold his children with His righteous right hand.” What a blessing that is!

Flashback: Forest Fires & Apple Orchards

The meek person…trusts that even if he is distressed and bewildered today, God will eventually make his purpose clear and then he, like God, will judge it all so very good, all so very necessary, all so very wise.

All our fret and worry is caused by calculating without God. —Oswald Chambers

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