A La Carte (October 27)

A La Carte (October 27)

May the Lord bless and keep you today.

There’s a very long list of excellent Kindle books due to be discounted today. I’ve added all I could find!

The Brevity and the Beauty

A recent birthday has Chris Martin considering death and the brevity of life.

We’re Not At The Gates Yet

Meanwhile, Chris Thomas is offering hope for those who may be near despair. “Dear friend, we have not arrived at the gates of hell yet. While we live in trying times, we live with the same sense of confidence our brothers and sisters have lived with for millennia.”

Our Weekly Wedding Rehearsal

“Have you ever thought of how every Lord’s Day is like a wedding rehearsal?” It’s well worth considering how church can be like a weekly wedding rehearsal.

Listen Every Friday to Luther: In Real Time

It’s 1520. Martin Luther has been declared a heretic by Pope Leo X, and his books are being burned. How much longer before Luther himself is thrown into the fire? Subscribe to Luther: In Real Time, the immersive podcast from Ligonier Ministries, to follow the dramatic story of Martin Luther at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. A new episode from season 2 is available every Friday. (Sponsored Link)

The Problem With Dave Chappelle

Samuel James: “Dave Chappelle is right about transgender ideology. He’s right about the disproportionate control that gender ideologues wield over pop culture and public discourse. And he’s also right that most of the people greatly upset by his jokes are white liberals who are more than happy to drop their racial consciousness at the sign of any conflict between minorities and LGBTQ activism. But this doesn’t, or shouldn’t, add up to conservative sympathy for him.”

Why Does God Allow Us To Suffer?

In this article by Rohit Masih, probably the first I’ve ever linked to that begin in Hindi before being translated to English, you’ll find four reasons God allows us to suffer.

Grief Is Not an Enemy of Faith

Trevin Wax explains why grief is not an enemy of faith. “Some churchgoers seem to think grief must be a sign of weakness, as if our Christian hope should keep us from shedding tears. But the stiff upper lip owes more to the ancient Stoics than the ancient Christians.”

Flashback: Be a Living Example of God’s Living Love

Aren’t you glad that Jesus did not only feel love for you but that he ultimately acted in love for you? His feelings would not have done us much good! The ultimate measure of love is not what you feel for others but what you do for them.

God bears long with the wicked notwithstanding the multitude of their sin, and shall we desire to be revenged because of a single injury? —A.W. Pink


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